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What is Asynchronous Video Technology & Services, a.k.a. "async video tech"?

Every day, thousands of doctors, nurses, and staff repeat information that patients don’t understand or retain. As a healthcare administrator, this is costing you $100k’s in wasted labor force hours, lost revenue, and poor patient outcomes and experience.

Async video tech automates verbal repetition into standardized videos patients can watch at home, on their own time, in their own language. Voilà! Healthcare leaders instantly have better financial and quality performance. 

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Healthcare Leaders Achieving an ROI with HCT:

Learn how the Director of Surgical Services at TBRHSC:

  • Standardized nurse messaging for quality control
  • Reduced inbound patient questions by 15:1
  • Improved patient preparedness & compliance 

Learn how the Market Director of Primary Care at CHI Health:

  • Doubled the scheduling of the AWV appt
  • Increased RN & staff productivity 
  • Increased their AWV metric performance & revenue

Learn how the Director of Marketing at Moreau Physical Therapy:

  • Standardized staff messaging for new patients 
  • Increased appointment arrival rates by 9% 
  • Improved patient experience 

Why Partner With HCT?

We are the leaders in asynchronous video technology. We extend and support your operations and marketing teams so you can deliver high-quality asynchronous virtual care.

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Our videos are actionable.

We produce high-quality videos at an affordable price that drive higher patient engagement.

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We are health care.

We are led by healthcare operations and marketing leaders just like you. And we specialize in using async video tech as a care delivery tool.

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We are more
than video.

We are a full-service solution including interactive video technology, analytics, and services to drive an ROI.

What Our Clients Say

Hear from healthcare leaders across the country who are working with HCT.​

"Async video tech has standardized our nurse messaging for all surgical cases. It's improved patient experience and reduced inbound questions from patients."
Caroline Fanti
Caroline Fanti
Director of Regional Surgical Services at TBRHSC
"HCT has been vital in our patient engagement journey. The videos go out to every new patient before their first visit and have improved our appointment arrival rates. Our patients also feel comfortable knowing what to expect before they walk in the door."
Sarah Hess
Sarah Hess
Marketing Director at Moreau Physical Therapy Clinics
"We have only positive things to say about working with HCT. They produced great videos for our organization and they have fantastic analytics that allow us to track engagement with our brand. "
Rob Carnaroli
Rob Carnaroli
VP of Sales at Sutter Health Plan

What Real Patients Say

"Videos are my preferred source for information"
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Anonymous Patient
"Answered my questions"
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Anonymous Patient
"It's been educational and informative. Glad I watched the vids"
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Anonymous Patient
It's better care.

Join the future-forward healthcare leaders already implementing asynchronous video technology.

The Transformation of Care Delivery

The Old, Inefficient Way of Delivering Care:

Clinicians & staff 24-7 repetition of info & FAQ's:

  • Wasting precious clinical staff time 
  • Unstandardized/poor quality assurance
  • Causing clinician & staff burnout
  • Low patient retention & compliance (<10%)
  • Cost to healthcare organizations >$500k+ 

The New Way of Delivering Care:

Standardize and automate your labor force with asynchronous video messaging:

  • Scripted messaging for quality assurance
  • Optimize & protect clinical staff time 
  • Improve patient compliance & experience
  • Improve financial performance

Asynchronous video technology
drives an operational and financial ROI.

Our customized video tech integrates into your high-priority project areas, including:

  • Surgical perioperative journey
  • Gaps in care (AWV, cancer screenings, etc.)
  • Specialty care
  • Primary care
  • Women’s health & maternity
  • Inpatient admission & discharge planning 
  • Palliative care & advance care planning 
  • Post-acute care
  • Billing & insurance 
  • And MORE! 

Our Portfolio

We produce custom asynchronous video technology across all areas of health care. 

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