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Executive Champion:

Sarah Hess

Director of Marketing

Problem: Need to increase the appointment arrival rate without increasing call center workload.

PROBLEMS with Status Quo:

  • Average arrival rate for initial appointments ranged from 66%-76%.
  • Lost revenue due to no-shows.
  • Need to optimize staff time from answering repetitive patient questions.
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SOLUTION: Async Video Tech

  • Engage new patients before the initial visit with a standardized video message that answers FAQ’s on what to expect at first appointment.
  • Push the video digitally to patients using automated email and text messaging through EMR.
  • Consistently review HCT analytics to ensure communication campaigns are going out and patients are watching the video.


  • Average arrival rate increased by six percentage points.
  • Achieved highest arrival rate to date of 84%.
  • Standardized staff response to patients’ questions through automation.
  • 97% of patients found the video helpful; 91% felt more prepared for their appointment.   
Physical Therapy
"HCT has been vital in our patient engagement journey. The videos go out to every new patient before their first visit and have improved our appointment arrival rates. Our patients also feel comfortable knowing what to expect before they walk in the door."
Sarah Hess
Sarah Hess
Marketing Director at Moreau Physical Therapy Clinics
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