About HCT

Our mission is to create a more efficient and effective healthcare delivery system for our partners.

- Asynchronous Video Technology as a Care Delivery Tool -

HCT stands for "Health Care Transformation"

We help healthcare leaders achieve their goals. With async video tech you will:

  • Optimize your clinical staff time
  • Reduce employee & clinician burnout
  • Improve care quality & outcomes
  • Improve patient experience
  • Improve bottom line performance and market share
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Our video technology is custom-configured for our innovative client partners. Here are some of the organizations we support:

Our Portfolio

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Our Story

Meghan Nechrebecki

One of the biggest issues in health care is the way we deliver care is archaic. Clinicians and staff verbally repeat themselves like a broken record. Patients don’t understand and retain what is said.  This leads to more questions and/or patient noncompliance. The whole process is unstandardized, inefficient, and ineffective. As a healthcare leader, this impacts your bottom line performance.  

Founded in 2018 by healthcare administrator, Meghan Nechrebecki, HCT is the first platform of its kind to automate clinical and staff verbal redundancies through asynchronous video technology. Since our launch, we’ve helped hundreds of healthcare operations and marketing leaders across North America achieve a financial ROI. And we’ve helped thousands of clinicians, staff, and patients deliver and receive better care. 

Together we can scale asynchronous video technology as a care delivery tool to healthcare organizations across the U.S. and beyond.

About the Founder

Meghan Nechrebecki is the Founder and CEO of HCT Digital Care. She has spent 15+ years driving systemic change in healthcare organizations. She is an expert in healthcare systems improvement, healthcare analytics, value-based care, population health, and digital marketing. She earned her MSPH from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health where she was a Delta Omega Alpha scholar. 

Watch Meghan’s Ted Talk “Shaping the Future of Health Care“.

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HCT In the News

HCT Client:


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Online videos get patients ready for surgery

THUNDER BAY, Ont. – Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre (TBRHSC) is integrating digital, video technology into their clinical workflows for surgical patients using technology developed by Health Care Transformation. TBRHSC’s goal is to improve patients’ experience with access to an online video library that reinforces what they will learn from their healthcare team regarding pre-operative instructions and post-operative follow up.

HCT Client:

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Improving the experience of surgical patients using asynchronous video technology

Staff at Gramercy Surgery Center noticed a number of redundancies in their internal workflows when communicating with patients that were leading to a diminished experience. In an effort to solve the redundancies, they turned to an innovative approach – asynchronous video.

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