Case Study- TBRHSC


Executive Champion:

Caroline Fanti

Director of Regional Surgical Services

Problem: The burden is on the nurses, surgeons, and staff to verbally repeat surgical teaching and answer follow-up questions from patients and their families for thousands of surgeries each year.

PROBLEMS with Status Quo:

  • Lack of standardization across nursing staff with long teaching appointments.
  • Poor patient retention and compliance, leading to no-shows, surgery cancellations, and delayed discharges.
  • Poor patient experience due to one-and-done teaching.
TBRHSC Async Videos

SOLUTION: Async Video Tech

  • Standardize the nurse script into 10 videos patients watch at home on their own time in their own language.
  • Patients and their families can watch the videos on the web or in their surgery app.
  • Test patient understanding at the end of each video to ensure patient compliance.
  • Use HCT analytics and best practices to implement marketing and operational workflows that ensure patients receive and watch the videos.


  • Reduced inbound patient questions by 15:1, reducing the time burden on clinical staff to respond.
  • Increased patient preparedness, e.g. patients bring their medication lists with them to pre-op appointments, patients are prepared for same-day discharge, and more. 
  • Improved patient experience scores: 97% of patients felt more prepared for their surgery and 99% found the videos helpful. 

Real Patient Comments

"Calmed my anxiety"
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Anonymous Patient
"Answered my questions"
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Anonymous Patient
"Helped me get prepared"
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Anonymous Patient

Leadership Feedback

"Async video tech has standardized our nurse messaging for all surgical cases. It's improved patient experience and reduced inbound questions from patients."
Caroline Fanti
Caroline Fanti
Director of Regional Surgical Services at TBRHSC
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