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Executive Champion:

April Butterfield

Market Director, Primary Care

Problem: Thousands of patients are overdue and eligible for their Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (AWV).

This equates to low AWV metric performance and lost revenue.

PROBLEMS with Status Quo:

  • Robocalls and cold calling of patients by call center schedulers have low success rates of scheduling an AWV. 
  • Dedicated AWV nurses were not at full productivity due to the low scheduling rate. 
  • The cost of the AWV infrastructure was higher than the revenue from AWV’s being completed.
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CHI Health AWV Webpage

SOLUTION: Async Video Tech

  • Created the webpage that housed the async video, testimonials, and ways to direct schedule the AWV. 
  • Marketing campaigns were pushed to patients, including emails, portal messages, and letters with QR codes.
  • The video includes direct links to schedule, whether the patient was watching on their computer or phone.
  • The leadership team & HCT advisor regularly reviewed analytic performance to assess the impact of the marketing campaigns and drive strategy.


  • Hundreds of inbound AWV appointment requests from patients.
  • More than doubled the number of patients who scheduled an AWV each week. 
  • Increased the productivity of the nurses by 10 percentage points within two months. 
  • Increased the AWV metric performance by 7 percentage points within two months. 
"If every patient could watch the video and then inbound schedule, that would be ideal."
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Call Center Scheduler
CHI Health
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