Wellth & Health care transformation case study

Increase Efficiency & Engagement Using Digital Asynchronous Videos

Health Care Transformation supported Wellth leadership to streamline the process of engaging prospective members to download, register, and activate the Wellth app.

The status quo of sending paper mailers and using call center staff was time and resource intensive with low ROI.

Health Care Transformation digitized the process into modern, engaging videos pushed to prospective and current members through a multi-modal communication campaign.

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Increase your ROI, save clinician & staff time and money, and improve patient experience!

We absolutely love the videos provided by Health Care Transformation. They clearly explain our program benefits and have been a great resource on our web pages. Adding a personal touch to our healthcare technology has been extremely valuable.”

See How We Did It!

In six months, there were 4700+ views and 73+ hours of video watched, increasing efficiency for the call center.

Wellth had 1670+ member activations and 96.2% retention and adherence with the app, directly equating to increased revenue.

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