Impact & ROI

Health Care Transformation works with innovative providers and payers across the country to implement digital asynchronous videos & analytics to drive an ROI.

Check out innovative organizations implementing digital asynchronous videos with Health Care Transformation:

Resolution Care Network– Palliative Care

With ONE video implemented for TWO weeks for FOUR physicians we saved over 15 hours and $1,000 of clinician time.

Challenge: Given the urgent nature of COVID-19, the physicians at Resolution Care needed a streamlined process to have advance care planning (ACP) conversations with hundreds of chronically ill patients in a short period of time.

Solution: Health Care Transformation supported Resolution Care leadership to streamline this end of life decision-making and documentation with chronically ill patients through the strategy, development, and implementation of recorded video as a digital asynchronous care delivery tool.

Our Process: We supported the Resolution Care leadership across our proven three-step process to create high-value videos and operationalize them for the greatest impact.

Hear from Physician Leadership at Resolution Care Network about their experience with recorded video as a digital asynchronous care tool:

Our engagement went more smoothly, briefly, and productively if they [the patient] watched the video.

-Resolution Care Physician

It was a nice, clear explanation of COVID-19 as a health challenged person and end-of-life decisions I should think about before having the conversation with my doctor.

-Resolution Care Patient

Want to watch a video giving you the inside scoop on the Health Care Transformation process?

Sensible Care– Mental Health Care

Challenge: 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. suffers from mental health issues. Sensible Care, as a mental healthcare provider, was seeking a method to reach the masses and ensure patients easily navigate across the app from registration to scheduling their first appointment. They also needed to prepare patients for that first appointment once scheduled.

Solution: Health Care Transformation supported Sensible Care leadership through the strategy, development, and implementation of curated videos displaying the app navigation and addressing mental health FAQ’s to ensure the organization can optimize efficiencies.

Our Process: The HCT team and Sensible Care CEO and marketing lead strategized on goals, metrics, and content as well as marketing and operational plans. HCT scripted, developed, and produced videos to address the goals and outcomes metrics. The videos were executed on the Sensible Care website as well as integrated into the patient portal and email campaigns.

Wellth– Behavioral Economics App

Challenge: Wellth’s goal is to create long-lasting healthy habits among patients so that they lead a healthy lifestyle. Many patients were calling into the call center for standard, redundant questions and Wellth needed a method to reach the masses that would allow call center staff to focus their time on more individualized needs.

Solution: Health Care Transformation supported Wellth leadership to strategize, develop, and execute an operational plan with short asynchronous videos in English with Spanish captions that answer common questions from patients.

Our Process: The HCT and Wellth leadership documented a strategy with goals, baseline metrics performance, and marketing plans for the videos. The videos were developed in an FAQ manner that talks about the benefits of Wellth app and how it works. To reach a larger audience, these videos were executed in English with Spanish captions. Check them out here!

Coherent Eye Care– Chronic Disease Management

Challenge: Coherent Eye Care’s goal was to make a direct impact diabetes outcome metrics. For example, many healthcare organizations need to ensure diabetics get their annual eye exam in order to improve patient outcomes and reduce avoidable healthcare spend.

Solution: Health Care Transformation developed videos and post-video survey analytics that directly advise and monitor patients on how to navigate their diabetes in order to properly manage their disease, improve outcomes, and reduce healthcare spend.

Our Process: HCT consulted with Coherent Eye Care leadership to develop the strategy on how to educate diabetic patients through video and subsequently test understanding and social determinants of health needs through a clickable survey link. Videos were developed along with call to actions to the google surveys. Coherent Care and HCT executed the videos and you can take a look at it here.

Sonder Health– Women’s Health

Challenge: 90% of women have trouble breastfeeding. Sonder Health needed a way to educate healthcare organizations on the benefit of their lactation consultant telehealth services as well as help women who need their services to easily navigate the app and schedule an appointment with a lactation consultant.

Solution: Health Care Transformation supported Sonder Health leadership to strategize, develop, and execute an audiovisual video to reach the masses and educate patients on breastfeeding and app navigation.

Our Process: HCT and Sonder Health leadership strategized on the goals, analytics, and video content. HCT developed the video to incorporate marketing, FAQ’s, and app navigation. The video was executed on the Sonder Health website.

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