Health Care Transformation

Digital Asynchronous Videos Save Time + $$

The status quo of in-person verbal care delivery has greatly changed due to COVID-19 and the influx of digital health tools.

In addition to live telehealth videos, one of the most important digital health tools to increase efficiencies and improve patient outcomes is the use of recorded videos as a digital asynchronous care tool. 

With recorded video integrated as an operational care delivery tool we are able to save hundreds of hours in expensive staff and clinician time while also saving thousands of dollars.

No more paper pamphlets that end up in the trash. No more verbal education that leaves patients wishing they would have listened better or didn’t forget. 

Health Care Transformation supports healthcare organizations to integrate recorded video as a care delivery tool that drives ROI for the organization. 

We saved Resolution Care Network over $1000 and 15 hours of busy clinician time with ONE video implemented for TWO weeks for FOUR physicians

Let’s show you how we saved time + $$ with digital video.

THE PROBLEM: Given the urgent nature of COVID-19, the physicians at Resolution Care needed a streamlined process to have advance care planning (ACP) conversations with hundreds of chronically ill patients in a short period of time.

THE SOLUTION: Health Care Transformation supported Resolution Care leadership to streamline this end of life decision-making and documentation with chronically ill patients through the strategy, development, and implementation of recorded video as a digital asynchronous care delivery tool.

We used video analytics, surveys, and focus group feedback to assess performance and ROI. Within 2 weeks of implementation we saved over 15 hours and $1,000 of clinician time. Patients who watched the video were more prepared and physicians were more effective during their appointments. 

Let’s dig into the details. 

Our implementation of digital asynchronous video is a 3-step process:

Watch our process video:

  1. Strategize: We documented our goals, desired ROI, and metrics to assess performance of the video, including patient activation and physician efficiency.
  1. Develop: We scripted, filmed, and edited the asynchronous care delivery video. In post-production we added English and Spanish language captions and created Call-To-Action buttons with surveys to assess performance.
  1. Execute: The video was hosted online with analytics, embedded into the Resolution Care website, and integrated into the schedulers’ + physicians’ workflows.

Watch the patient-facing digital video we produced:

ROI for ONE video implemented for TWO weeks for FOUR physicians:

Organizational impact resulted in:

  • $1,000+ in cost savings
  • 15+ hours in physician time saved
  • Hundreds of medical records updated

Provider impact resulted in:

Our engagement went more smoothly, briefly, and productively if they [the patient] watched the video.

-Resolution Care Physician

Patient impact resulted in:

It was a nice, clear explanation of covid-19 as a health challenged person and end-of-life decisions I should think about before having the conversation with my doctor.

-Resolution Care Patient

Hear from physician leadership at Resolution Care Network on the use and implementation of digital asynchronous care videos:

I’m very interested in exploring new and different ways to use this asynchronous digital technology to advance the care we give.

-Dr. Michael Fratkin

Start your virtual care journey today by implementing digital asynchronous video at your organization. Drive efficiencies for your clinicians and staff while improving patient outcomes and experience.

When partnering with Health Care Transformation you can choose from licensed video collections or custom video creation. Either way you get our wraparound consulting to ensure ROI.

We look forward to supporting you on your journey to implement high-value digital asynchronous videos at your organization.

Cheers to Your Health and Happiness!

Health Care Transformation

The Future of Health Care is Video.

As healthcare costs continue to rise and health outcomes lack improvement, consumers are growing increasingly frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed.

In fact, 9 out of every 10 individuals are considered healthcare illiterate, which is not surprising given the complexity of the healthcare system in addition to language barriers- not only due to medical jargon but also for the 25 million+ individuals who are limited English proficient. In no other industry is communication as important but as difficult as it is in the health care system.

Every other industry has defined their business model around the consumer. This has not been the case in health care. Health care has evolved to lack the infrastructure needed to understand their consumers and their true needs, wishes, and desires.

This is all changing as health care moves from a fee-for-service reimbursement structure that incentives volume to a value-based care reimbursement structure including two-sided risk Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), bundled payments, and capitation. The future payment system will require an overhaul of healthcare delivery as we know it.

In value-based care, the goal is improved outcomes at reduced systemic costs. And there is no way a health system can achieve success in the future of value-based payments without better empowering and engaging the most important component of the equation, the consumer.

“We are shifting to a model of payment where outcomes, quality, utilization, and cost matter more and more. In that market, how our customers behave and what they choose to do is going to be reflected in healthcare outcomes, and will matter to the viability of healthcare organizations far more than it has in the past. Patients will also increasingly act like consumers and will be voting with their wallets and their feet.”

-Dr. Zeev Neuwirth, Author of Reframing Health Care

We can no longer engage consumers by handing them pieces of paper filled with medical jargon and hoping that Google will communicate on behalf of the provider for anything that was misunderstood.

Consumers will need clear, concise, targeted, and curated information and tools that tell them exactly what they need to know. And this information will both improve the consumer’s experience with the healthcare system but will also drive appropriate consumer behavior. In doing so, this will allow your organization to not only survive the future of at-risk payments but to thrive in them.  

The future of health care is video.

Individuals want information conveyed in a clear, concise, and entertaining manner. Gone are the days of reading packets of paper.

Here at Health Care Transformation, we are combining our expertise to develop, create, and produce curated video content and tools that help you achieve consumer-centric care. This curated content will improve the patient experience and build a positive relationship with your brand.

Our content ranges from:

  • What to Expect as First-Time Patients
  • What to Do When You Experience an Urgent Health Issue
  • How to Navigate Health Insurance
  • Planning Your Pregnancy Journey
  • Navigating a Hospitalization
  • Medical Decision-Making For Your Loved Ones
  • And MORE!

In addition to our content library, we love working with our partners to create custom content to achieve their specific goals. Regardless of whether we license or custom-create the content, we provide top support every step of the way as we partner to ensure success in rolling out the content at your organization and create a positive ROI.

How is our content + partnership consulting so impactful?

  • Removes the burden of developing standardized patient education materials  
  • Available in multiple languages
  • High-quality Los Angeles video production
  • A/B testing of all content + communications
  • Communication + marketing strategy
  • Analytics partnership to determine impact and ROI

To quote leading healthcare expert Dr. Zeev Neuwirth, host of Creating a New Health Care podcast and author of Reframing Health Care, one more time:

“Our collective job is to educate, influence, and engage patients so that they have the best chance of becoming active participants in their own care…It is our job to make engaging in health care appealing, even enticing and entertaining, so that healthcare customers want and choose to participate. It is our job to make it easier, more convenient, and more dignified.”


If you are a healthcare provider who is innovative and ready to thrive in the future of value-based care, contact us today. We are looking forward to supporting you and your efforts to integrate video content into the delivery of care and truly become a consumer-centric healthcare provider.

Cheers to Your Health and Happiness.