Asynchronous Video

In less than 5 minutes, watch Meghan explain the benefits of digital asynchronous video:

Health Care Transformation partners with providers and payers to successfully implement digital asynchronous videos & analytics that deliver more effective and efficient care.

With asynchronous video as a digital care delivery tool, we save thousands of dollars in costs while improving revenue. We engage and activate patients while enhancing the consumer healthcare experience.

The future of health care is VIDEO across the care delivery spectrum.

With our breadth of expertise, Health Care Transformation is more than a video production platform- we are your partner and guide to integrating recorded videos into your organization.

Our key differentiators include:

  1. High-value, modern healthcare navigation videos
  2. Impactful analytics, including watch rates, click rates, and survey analyses
  3. Wraparound consulting with marketing + healthcare operations expertise to drive ROI


There are Three Video Options Available:

Option 1

Create Custom Videos for Your Organization

Option 2

License Already-Proven Video Collections

Option 3

Mix and Match Already-Proven + Custom Videos


Examples of already-proven video collections:

  • Diabetes Management
  • Birth Control Decision- Making
  • How to Navigate Health Insurance
  • The 6-Step Wellness Transformation Program
  • Navigating Your Pregnancy Journey
  • What to Do When You Experience an Urgent Health Issue
  • Advance Care Planning
  • And MORE!

All videos are completely customized with your branding, customized clickable links to drive action, and customized surveys to get direct feedback from patients. We caption the videos into the languages of your choosing. Be sure to discuss with a Health Care Transformation representative today.

There are so many benefits to partnering with Health Care Transformation for asynchronous care delivery videos, including:

  • Dedicated digital asynchronous video expertise, including healthcare operations & digital marketing
  • Customized project management aimed at a targeted ROI
  • Completely customized videos, including Calls-To-Action buttons, surveys, and more
  • Meaningful and actionable analytics

As opposed to paper and verbal communication, we know if the patient:


With our ROI-focused videos, we provide wraparound consulting to ensure ROI with our proven 3-step process:

Along with the Health Care Transformation video content, our team partners and consults to develop your overall strategy, goals, marketing tactics, operational plan, and analytics to show proven ROI.

With implementation of your curated content, the goal is to achieve specific and targeted impact for your healthcare consumers.

See our process on how we achieved targeted ROI with our clients:

Who Do We Partner With?

  • Medical Groups
  • Healthcare Systems
  • At-Risk Healthcare Organizations
  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Commercial Plans
  • And MORE!

Whether your goal is to improve the patient experience, grow your market share, reduce systemic healthcare spend, or improve the provider + staff experience– we will help you achieve your goal through engaging, empowering, modern video content.

Our content is curated to simplify the complexities of health care for the average consumer.


See how organizations are using asynchronous videos:

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Hear what patients have to say about asynchronous care delivery:


Check out our webinar on Asynchronous Care Delivery. In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to integrate asynchronous video at your organization
  • How to calculate ROI
  • The key decision points you will have to make

Contact us today to discuss how digital asynchronous video can drive ROI at your healthcare organization:

Take steps today to prepare for the health care of tomorrow.